The GMC stainless-steel ultrasonic cleaning system achieves chemical compatibility with aggressive caustic and acidic agents. Versions of the system can accommodate parts with one dimension up to 35", up to 125 lb. The line’s two sizes are self- contained, supported on casters, and operate from commonly available power supplies, making them easy to move where needed for in-place or utility cleaning. GMC systems include a pump and dual stainless cartridge filtration, a surface sparger, automated controls for heat, pump and ultrasonics, a lid, and one standard basket. A drip pan drains one basket of parts, while cleaning another.

Cleaning Technologies Group

Double-disc grinder

A double-disc grinder features a servo infeed slide, linear rails, an automatic lubrication system, and user-friendly controls. The machine accommodates automatic, semi-automatic or manual loading.

GCH Machinery

Bi-metal saw blades

Versatix MP bi-metal band saw blades feature triple-tempered, high-speed, M-42 cobalt steel teeth with an alloy steel backing strip. The blade’s tooth design dissipates stress during cutting, reducing tooth breakage and increasing blade life. A special tooth set minimizes pinching, making it suitable for cutting structurals and bundles.

Versatix MP band saw blades include bi-metal unique, a technology that joins two strips of high-speed steel wires to the backing steel using solid-state diffusion bonding. Instead of a single wire welded to the outside of a steel backer, this process bonds two strips of high-speed steel to each side of the top edge of the steel backer, using intense heat and pressure. The bonding area between the backer and the high-speed steel is increased 170% compared to conventional electron beam or laser welding processes.

L.S. Starrett Co.