Circular saw

The PSU H system circular saw uses a robust machine frame in which the base and turntable, including the sawing assembly, is embedded as a central unit. The sawing assembly consists of a motor and hydraulic feed cylinder and a worm-drive helical gearbox with rotation compensation. The operator panel is covered by a cowling and a protective cover.

The clamping units are adjustable and exchangeable, and are fitted both horizontally and vertically. An aluminum clamp block operates as a long-stroke cylinder with 160mm displacement, and a clamping-force monitor clamps the materials. The clamp force can be set independently in both directions and is readable on two manometers.

Behringer Saws Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #N-6844

Machining mills

The OptiMill range has added mills for machining titanium and high-alloy steels, as well as for hard machining, expanding applications to include structural components. Unequal positioning of the five cutting edges in combination with a geometric layout of the cutting edges reduces vibrations. Counterbalancing with a balancing grade of 2.5 further lowers the risk of vibrations. The milling cutters are suitable for high speeds, and a chip breaker divides the chips in half for removal from the working space. All milling cutters for trochoidal milling have a cutting edge length of 3xD.

Mapal Inc.

IMTS 2016 Booth #W-1410

CNC control for 3D printers

OPENcontrol for Fabru PlastJet 3C model printers is designed for industrial prototype applications and offers high precision and high-speed operation, simultaneously using three different plastic materials. The PlastJet 3C uses fused deposition modeling (FDM) following a CAM path managed by OPENcontrol software. The OPENcontrol family of CNCs is scalable and offers a computing power adaptable to any customized requirement, with processing speeds up to 7,000 blocks per second. The software can use compact or modular drives, servo motors, and spindle motors. Real-time SoftPLC is integrated in the CNC and allows interfacing of the control with most machine systems, from 3-axis milling machines to multi-axis and multi-spindle machining centers.


Recycling system

The WasteWizard recycling system features Siemens controls with programmable digital color display screen and expandable modules to meet a range of recycling applications. The automated system is a low-maintenance, point-of-use solution designed for the factory floor, featuring a process to filter out and collect soluble waste contaminates while purifying reusable components. It is suited for recycling aqueous cleaner baths, mass finishing compounds, and mop water.

Cleaning Technologies Group LLC

IMTS 2016 Booth #NC-530

Dual column, large capacity band saws

The Continental Series DC-1100SA and DC-1700SA dual column, large capacity, semi-automatic horizontal band saws are suited for operations that do not require indexing or automatic cutting cycles. The DC-1100SA offers semi-automatic capacities on rectangles at 43.3" x 43.3" (1,100mm x 1,100mm) and the DC-1700SA has a rectangle capacity of 67" x 51.2" (1,700mm x 1,300mm). The feed system improves blade life and cutting accuracy as the operator is not manually pressuring or overloading the saw blade during the cut.

DoAll Sawing Products

IMTS 2016 Booth #N-7074

Laser-cutting machining center

The LT-Free 5-axis, fiber laser machine is designed for cutting three dimensional formed or shaped parts such as bent tubes, hydroformed tubes, welded assemblies, and stamped or flat sheets. The part does not move during the cutting operation as the laser head’s freedom of movement guarantees flexibility and accuracy.

The LT-Free can make cuts very close to each other to nestle parts on a single bent tube and then use the laser to separate, saving significant material cost.

Traditional cutting, drilling, punching, and milling operations, which are normally carried out in sequence, can now be performed on a single machine. This eliminates setup, reduces material handling, eliminates work in progress inventory, and downsizes the space needed for storage.

BLM Group USA Corp.

IMTS 2016 Booth #S-8470