Since establishing the productivity benchmark with the first TWIN multi-spindle CNC machining center in 1980, STAMA’s philosophy has remained dedicated to the competitive advantage of each individual customer. This commitment is especially significant among automotive manufacturers; where long-term partnerships can only materialize by consistently staying ahead of production demands, producing high-quality parts at the lowest possible cost.

STAMA’s TWIN technology offers numerous benefits when producing engine and turbocharger components. Although the time and cost savings associated with multi-spindle manufacturing are widely recognized, it’s the combination of process optimization and HSK-A 100 power that truly amplify the production of parts such as turbine housings.

Engineered to overcome HSK-A 100 challenges, STAMA machining centers ensure process reliability and unprecedented efficiency. With spindle distances available up to 600mm, these applications are handled with ease and flexibility. For even greater benefits, users may choose to adopt the 2+4 principle (two spindles, with four clamped workpieces).

Heavy-duty, 5-axis machining is a prerequisite for efficiently machining turbo-manifolds. STAMA’s MC 538 TWIN series offers double-spindle productivity, along with concentrated milling and drilling power within the smallest footprint possible. The MC 538 TWIN’s ability to process complex components goes into each facet of engineering and construction, and the machine’s thermal stability is unmatched among industry counterparts in the heavy-duty class. Featuring an interference area diameter of 850mm, along with 1,600mm between the rotary indexing table and counter bearing, users are given ample flexibility for process design and multiple fixtures.

When a job demands the processing freedom of complete manufacturing, STAMA’s expertise in combined milling and turning is globally trusted by automotive manufacturers. The MT 838 TWIN is exceptionally beneficial for the production of turbine housings that require six-sided milling and turning capabilities. As another example of STAMA’s competency in multi-spindle machining, the MT 838 TWIN is fully optimized for dynamic, complete machining of chucked parts on all sides. Accommodating workpieces up to 430mm in diameter by 350mm, STAMA engineered Torque Technology ensures the highest level of positioning accuracy. Producing finished parts in only a single process offers a true competitive advantage, with significant savings in both time and cost-per-piece.

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