In 2013, LMC partnered with NUMTEC and MAKRA, two divisions of Alpine Metal Tech GmbH, to expand its cast and forged wheel manufacturing products to include life cycle testing and inspection, production and marking machines, and automation equipment. This created the LMC Wheel Products Group.

LMC is a global leader in workholding equipment for manufacturing wheels for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks, and buses. NUMTEC is a leader in product identification, marking, and measuring machines for alloy and aluminum wheel producers. MAKRA sets a world standard in wheel testing machines, process automation and enhancement, hand inspection tools, and fixtures for alloy and aluminum wheel producers. LMC, NUMTEC, and MAKRA can offer more products, services, and support to the aluminum wheel industry than anyone with a global installed base and support.

Additional support

Also provided by LMC for automotive production are LMC’s FRB brand patented face drivers and live centers. These face drivers provide single operation turning and grinding for cam shafts, automotive differential housing, pinion gears, automotive main shafts, and other parts. The FRB face drivers feature a patented mechanical compensating system, that is highly adjustable and reliable in the most difficult conditions.

LMC is also a leader in custom engineered solutions for many other automotive parts and processes including some of today’s toughest driveline and power components. With its clean, modern manufacturing facility in Indiana, LMC can tackle some of today’s most challenging workholding requirements to build the process you need.

Automotive products also include:

  • Compensating, pull down, and diaphragm chucks
  • Standard and special steady rests, including many thin arm applications for cam and crank shaft machining
  • Special actuators for part confirmation and multiple clamping operations

    LMC offers all types of custom and standard workholding, including standard and special chucks and cylinders up to 7m in diameter; pallet changing system for new machines and retrofits of existing lines and machines; manual and hydraulic steady rest systems; and integration, face drivers, centers, and many other types of standard and super precision chucks, cylinders, and fixtures.

    LMC Workholding