Electric bus market

As China’s government has cut financial support for battery-powered transit and school buses, communities across the world have increased orders – keeping annual orders growing, despite the big pullback from the world’s largest electric bus producer.

50+ countries are increasing electric bus production as orders in China fall

India: Plans to replace 150,000 diesel buses with electric ones; adding new electric buses to cope with population growth, chronic air pollution; Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) program federally subsidizes 60% of bus price; State of Kerala plans 3,000 electric buses by 2022

Vietnam: Non-profit bus service plans 3,000+ electric buses by 2020

Wellington, New Zealand: 10 electric double-decker buses entered service in 2018, 32-bus fleet set for 2021

The Netherlands: Operator EBuzz has ordered 159 electric buses

Poland/Germany: Producer Solaris sold 100 electric buses in Poland; 90 in Berlin, Germany

Belgium: Brussels Airport ordered 30 electric buses

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro): Plans to convert entire fleet to zero-emissions models by 2030, roughly 2,500 units; In 2017, Metro ordered 105 pure electric buses

Large future buyers

New York, Los Angeles, London

Source: IDTechEx report “Electric Buses 2019-2029