General Motors’ mid-engine 2020 Corvette Stingray will feature a 14-speaker system that produces significantly more sound than its predecessor. Shifting the engine location changed the size and shape of the vehicle cabin compared to previous generations, impacting the way music and sound is heard inside the car.

Across the instrument panel, 2.5" and 3.25" neodymium Twiddler speakers establish a broad and spacious sound stage, along with a combination of 4" neodymium wide-range speakers and 1" neodymium tweeters in each upper door. A pair of 5.25" neodymium wide-range speakers and three additional 3.25" neodymium Twiddler speakers in the rear of the cabin deliver rich, immersive sound. Deep, impactful bass performance is provided by 10" Nd woofers hidden in the door structure, using the vehicle’s architecture as a bass enclosure rather than using a customized bass box due to space constraints.

A custom-tuned version of AudioPilot noise compensation technology reduces effects of external sounds by using microphones built into the cabin to continuously monitor noise levels while a sophisticated algorithm analyzes and adjusts the music signal. Faster acceleration on the vehicle required faster processes to handle rapid changes in noise levels.

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Structural aluminum

Advanz 6HS-s650 automotive body sheet aluminum exceeds industry standards for strength, lightweighting, formability, performance, and structural integrity. It’s the strongest 6000 series product with a 15% to 25% in-service strength advantage compared to incumbent high strength aluminum alloys, exhibits excellent crash behavior, and is corrosion resistant.

The alloy is suitable for applications demanding high in-service strength, such as A- and B-pillars, floors, tunnels, rockers, side impact door beams, bumper beams, roof rail inserts, underbody frames, and electric battery enclosures components.

The alloy can reduce process costs and complexity by eliminating post-form heat treatment while enabling up to 45% lighter weight than high strength steels. 6HS-s650 joins effectively with other automotive structural materials and provides longer-term flexibility in the supply chain from superior shelf-life characteristics.

The 6HS-s650 alloy can be recycled into high-strength aluminum products as part of a closed-loop recycling process.