Garant Master Tap INOX taps are available for M1.6 to M24 thread diameters and with longer lengths for increased reach. They’re also available for UNC and UNF inch diameters from No. 2 to 1" standards in addition to the thread standards M, MF, and G (BSPP).

Garant Master Tap INOX is suitable for producing through- and blind-hole threads with a 6GX tolerance. It provides process reliability, performance capability, and a long working life thanks to its cutting-edge geometry producing evenly turned chips. Optimized flutes eject chips in a targeted manner. The backs of the teeth shear off the chips, polish the chip roots, and prevent loose or twisted swarf from forming.

Rounded-off cutting edges on the Garant Master Tap INOX ensure reliable thread machining in stainless and high-alloy steels. With the teeth resisting fracture, the tool wears evenly. A wear-resistant HSS-E-PM tool material and low-friction TiAlN multi-layer anti-friction layer protect against premature wear.

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