Speroni simple post interface (SPI) tool presetters speed transfer of precise, accurate tool measurements to machine tools.

Rather than measuring, printing a label, and punching the data into the control, SPI prints a tool label with a QR code at the presetter that’s then read by the SPI module at the machine control. The system can also be configured to send measurements directly into the tool NC’s offset table.

While SPI doesn’t need to be paired with the Intelligo Tool Management solution to work on presetters, the combination unlocks more features. It enables monitoring of tool count going in and out of machines and allows the tooling or setup manager to monitor tool life remotely. Users can easily identify tools that need attention or need to be replaced.

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. https://www.bigkaiser.com

6-axis tool grinding

Insert grinding on GrindSmart 630XW 6-axis tool grinding machines delivers flexibility compared to conventional single-purpose insert grinders. With six fully interpolated CNC axes, a 6-station wheel changer, and wheel inclination up to 45°, the machine can be adapted for individual insert designs for short and long runs. It also allows for full interchangeability between inserts and round tools.

The clamping systems emulate the way the insert is held in its own tool holder, increasing concentricity and accuracy. The clamping design adapts to the type of inserts such as indexable, non-indexable, and replaceable inserts; threading and form inserts; dog-bone and grooving inserts; drilling, milling and ballnose tip inserts; and other non-round tools. After clamping, an electronic touch probe determines the exact location of the insert blank, allowing the software to grind the tool geometry according to the virtual centerline of the insert blank. A run-out of 0.0001" (2µm) is easily achieved.

Rollomatic Inc. http://www.rollomaticusa.com

Pyramid risers

Three- and four-sided pyramid risers permit multi-part loading, providing greater access for 5-axis machining. A 30° mounting surface ensures maximum clearance for spindle and cutting toolpaths, allowing more machining per setup.

Three mounting options – direct-to-table using T-slots, center pin, and timing key – use T-nuts and socket head cap screws (SHCS). The quick-locating system (QLS) accurately locates and clamps the pyramid to a base element with QLS shoulder screws and SHCS. Quick-Loc pallet systems use pull studs (spaced at 96mm) to locate and clamp in a single step.

Compatible with virtually all 5-axis CNC machining centers, the lightweight aluminum risers ensure fast changeover and setup. Available in 3-, and 4-position configurations, pyramid risers can be used with self-centering vises, dovetail vises, and ER collet fixtures.

Jergens Inc. https://www.jergensinc.com