1) New coatings and substrates increase tool life.

ISO P grades 4425 and 4415 showcase the second generation Inveio® coating with a more refined crystal alignment to protect insert substrates, dramatically increasing tool life. We’ve demonstrated a consistent 25% improvement in steel turning, higher in many cases, but we’re sticking to the 25% figure that we’ve consistently reached with the improved coatings. We introduced this technology in 2013, and we keep improving it, so this new generation is more rugged, more reliable, and more consistent.

2) Tool life increases don’t require speed tradeoffs.

Getting a 25% increase in tool life isn’t terribly difficult if you cut your speeds and feed to protect your cutting edges, but that’s a pretty big price to pay in productivity to lower consumable costs. With the upgraded 4425 and 4415 insert grades, we’ve demonstrated a 25% increase in tool life and about a 7% increase in surface feet per minute. Some of the numbers are small – a 3% to 5% increase in speed and a similar number in feed rates – but you take a few percent here, a few percent there, and pretty soon, you’re looking at notable increases in productivity. Between the increases in speeds and feeds and the 25% increase in tool life, we’ve generated some significant improvements in productivity. In many cases, no adjustments are required at all, just plug in the new grades and enjoy significant tool life gains.

3) Longer tool life is about much more than reducing the number of inserts used.

Every time you open the door of your machine, you’re paying a price in time. So, the more cuts you get per edge on an insert, the less time you’re spending with the door open, rotating or changing that insert. These days, when the industry is dealing with such large skills gaps, when you find a reliable product that keeps the machine running, that creates fewer opportunities for downtime or a mistake.

You can tie reduced scrap rates directly to tool life. Especially with longer running high-volume jobs, the fewer times you change tools, the fewer opportunities for an error to occur that could lead to scrapping workpieces.

4) Quality improves as tool life lengthens.

Keeping the machine door closed improves productivity and quality. You’re not only saving the time it takes to change inserts, you’re preventing potential errors that could harm surface finish or lead to scrap. With longer jobs, you want to minimize cut interruptions as much as possible, so that 25% increase in tool life results in extended ability to hold surface finish on the final piece, fewer scrapped parts, and higher throughput without sacrificing speed.

5) Tool-life-extending coatings and substrates are available throughout a wide product lineup.

These improvements in speed and tool life are showcased with our steel turning grades, and they’ll soon be available on most of our steel turning lineup. We’ve already launched the coatings across about 55% of our ISO P turning lineup, and we’re going to have more products coming out very soon. We’re constantly working to improve our product, so we’re going to have a lot to show in the near future.

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