Laser processing large-bore engine piston rings could improve wear resistance. An environmentally friendly, long-term alternative to galvanic coatings, laser-processed rings will offer heavier loads and increased temperature operations. Fleets are requiring reduced friction, fuel, and oil consumption, as well as increased time between overhauls, with ring lifetimes of 24,000 hours or more.

The worldwide introduction of low-sulphur fuels in 2020 and the increased market share of gas and dual-fuel engines will present additional tribological challenges for piston rings and cylinder liners.

Federal-Mogul Powertrain

Thermal protection for hybrid, electric cars

The RTS reflowable thermal device protects power semiconductors against thermal runaway. Self-reinforcing, heat-producing power semiconductors – metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), integrated circuits (ICs), insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), triode alternating current (TRIAC) components, and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) – can overheat and lead to thermal runaway. The RTS interrupts the circuit precisely at a pre-defined temperature to prevent overheating.

The RTS is mounted by conventional reflow soldering techniques with temperature profiles up to 260°C. Users mechanically activate the RTS by depressing the top into place, arming the RTS to trip at 210°C.

Schurter Inc.

Wireless telematics system

The StarLink Tracker with Wi-Fi integrates vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, theft prevention, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G capabilities. The modular device can be upgraded with new functions on-demand without replacing the StarLink Tracker. The wireless device eliminates wired connections needed for previous-generation telematics systems.

The system is equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker to initiate and receive calls and dial emergency numbers. It can track driver behavior, including careless driving, accidents, off-road driving, acceleration during turns, and speed violations.

ERM Advanced Telematics