The Rebel 80 Servo Unloader handles 8mm to 80mm parts, extracting them from the sub-spindle of single-spindle lathes. A 720mm (28") magazine capacity allows long, unattended operation, supporting economical, automatic part unloading in a small footprint.

The Rebel’s programmable system automatically adjusts top-part length, diameter, and pickup position. When not in use, the axial track folds up to eliminate tripping hazards when loading magazine. The Rebel’s magazine features an adjustable incline, making it easier to unload large-diameter parts.

Axial shift (in X or Z) allows access to the back of the spindle for spindle liner changes and maintenance. The Rebel is all electric, eliminating the need for shop air. Extractor options include magnetic tips for steel, OD and ID gripper collets for aluminum and brass, and engineered solutions.

Edge Technologies

Shop floor simulation software

Fastsuite Edition 2 3D simulation software includes functions for digital factory layout planning, programmable logic control (PLC) validation, and virtual commissioning.

When project-specific components are required, they can be added as smart components via a direct link to Cadenas PartSolutions 3D manufacturer’s catalog and used immediately in simulation.

Off-line programming uses technology packages to apply programming methods such as semantic, vendor- independent robot programming, supporting process-specific generation of robot toolpaths and automatically defining process parameters and control commands. This ensures programming quality, independent of the deployed robot type or the end-user’s programming experience.

Since the layout is available as a mechatronic model of the production facility, the simulation environment can be used directly for PLC validation and virtual commissioning. The virtual facility and virtual robots behave identically to real-world hardware, including I/O signals and sensor data. Manufacturers can use PLC control software for testing and optimization early in a project, before a real facility even exists.

Cenit North America Inc.

Tool presetter

The space-saving, entry-level Speroni Essentia tool presetting and measuring system measures tools adjacent to machining centers, allowing efficient off-line tool measurement. Concise controls optimize tool presetting and measuring operations, including a runout function, MaxP, base post-processor, and entry-level tool database.

By measuring cutting edges offline to ensure they match job specifications, adjustments that could take up to 15 minutes on a machine can be made in less than a minute on a presetter.

Big Kaiser