The VR8 variable-volume high-pressure coolant system (HPCS) adjusts up to 8gal/min. from the VR system’s programmable logic controller (PLC), controlled by the cutting machine’s M codes. VR series programmable pressures range from 250psi to 1,000psi and systems have 50gal or 70gal vertical reservoirs. They can be used with water- or oil-based coolants. All come with two quick-change, large capacity filter bags, a machine installation kit, and a two-year parts warranty. 

MP Systems

Horizontal turning center

The Puma 2600 SY II high productivity turning center is a 10" class, sub-spindle, Y-axis horizontal turning center designed to craft high-precision parts from a range of tough-to-machine materials.

A standard active thermal compensation system decreases the effects thermal deformation by 60% to 70%. NTN sliding bearings have been applied to all axis box guideways on the carriage, improving fine movement by more than 40% and wear resistance by more than 30%. The feed box and X-axis bearing mount have been reinforced for high rigidity.

The built-in spindle generates up to 22kW (30hp) and 599Nm (442.1 ft-lb) of torque. An enhanced structure for spindle bearings improves runout to 6µm. A 12-station milling turret has been redesigned for improved durability and increased clamping force. BMT tooling provides rigidity for heavy chip removal, fine surface finishes, long boring bar overhang ratios, and extended tool life.

Doosan Machine Tools America

Fluid reclamation

The SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine, a redesign of the 2012 machine, is small and lightweight enough to allow an operator to push it from location to location.

It provides coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of metalworking fluids in the machine tool sump with minimal operator interface; there is no interruption in the production cycle or need to transport fluids. SumpDoc can be wheeled next to a machine tool, parts washer, or rinse tank to provide full-service fluid reclamation in a two-step process.

An alternative to a central fluid recycling system or batch processing, SumpDoc eliminates downtime by removing solids, filtering the fluid, and removing tramp oils.


Abrasive waterjet

GlobalMAX abrasive waterjets feature direct-drive pump technology, simplified software, and motion-control technology. Designed for space-conscious fabricators and job shops, the GlobalMAX 1508 has a 20hp pump and a 31" x 60" cutting bed for cutting a variety of materials. The drive system provides smoother transition from rotary motion to linear motion compared to traditional rack-and-pinion drive systems. Tooth engagement minimizes backlash and improves reliability. Pumps convert more than 85% of the electrical power into cutting power.

Omax Corp.