Designed to be the lightest heavy-duty transmission for on-highway commercial vehicles, the Paccar Automated Transmission 12-speed system is available on Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks.

Engineers designed the transmission to match Paccar MX engines and the company’s axles. Suited for line-haul applications up to 110,000 lb gross vehicle weight (GVW), it’s available for engine ratings up to 510hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, and features integrated electronic communications with MX engines.

The transmission is up to 105 lb lighter than comparable transmissions, allowing owners to dedicate more weight to payload. Its 750,000-mile oil change interval is the longest available for line-haul application.

Paccar Inc.

Crankshaft bearing polymeric coating

Irox 2 bearings featuring high-performance polymeric coatings improve seizure performance with steel crankshafts. The Irox group of technologies reduce friction and improve wear resistance and fatigue of bearings used in downsized engines.

While the original Irox system was developed for crankshafts with a standard surface finish, Irox 2 targets crankshafts with extra-smooth finish running with thinner oils. The bearings have a polyamide-imide (PAI) overlay polymer resin binder containing additives dispersed throughout the matrix. Modifying the binder system on a molecular level, coupled with subtle changes to the composition, eliminates silicon carbide particles, allowing more solid lubricants.

The polymer-coated high-performance bearings can be applied to light- and heavy-duty engines, and are designed for hybrid and start/stop applications. Sample bearings with the Irox 2 coating are already with customers for evaluation, and series production will commence in late 2018.

Federal-Mogul LLC

Strain-gage force sensor for off-highway equipment

The Model 182 extensometer is a specialty, high-performance strain gage-based force sensor, designed for industrial, EN15000- and EN280-compliant off-highway vehicles and equipment safety applications.

The extensometer measures deformation, or changes in the length of a solid structural body, with a 500µ? sensing range and redundancy for EN15000 and EN280 compliance in safety applications. Its design consists of a high-quality strain-gage sensing element housed in a corrosion-resistant coated alloy steel, with mounting via two bolt holes (M10 12.9 required). Units are IP67 rated for dust and moisture protection.

Multiple output choices, including mV/V, 4mA to 20mA, and 0V to 10V, are available as standard, along with alternate connection options. For vehicle safety applications, customers can select from either a CAN Open or SAE J1939 protocol with either a DT or M12 connector.

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