Factory floor simulation software

Fastsuite Edition 2 provides a mechatronic simulation of resources and components, enabling systems integrators and manufacturers to emulate real production environments.

The software assists with factory automation tasks – from planning to ongoing operation – to ensure an efficient workflow with full process control. Automation providers can use system-specific applications to expand and adjust functions as project requirements change.

The software’s scope includes process-driven technology and control packages to provide offline programming for sophisticated applications and technologies. CAD data is transferred using standard interfaces such as STEP or JT, as well as direct interfaces to NX, CATIA, and SolidWorks.



Flexible tool adapter system for right-angle heads

The U-tec flexible adapter system is available on all right-angle heads in Heimatec’s line. U-tec allows a standard ER output live tool to accept various adapters for different applications. Users can achieve quick changeover of tools on almost any lathe or mill using a single live tool, without having to commit to a quick-change system on the initial purchase.

U-tec allows user flexibility, while a polygonal drive system ensures high power transmission stability and faster set-up because the live tool base remains in position and only the adapter and collet get swapped out.

Collet nuts on the U-tec system have internal threading for rigid mounting, enabling the cutting tool to be brought into closer proximity to the bearing. Internal coolant up to 2,000psi (140 bar) is standard.

U-tec angle heads are compatible with most automatic tool changers, feature 360° manual positioning, and include torque arms and a stop block. Torque rated up to 150Nm (110 lb-ft).

Heimatec Inc.


Cylinder honing machine

The SV-25 honing machine introduces a touchscreen PC control with streamlined menus to enable novice operators to achieve expert results when honing gears, cylinder liners, compressors, and similar products. The control provides faster processing speeds and is complemented with simplified menus.

The SV-25 includes spindle reversal, standard bore oversize setup (0.010"/0.020"/0.030"), and automatic tool protection, which verifies an unobstructed stroke before starting a cycle. A variable-speed 5.5hp (4.1kW) spindle motor produces 50rpm to 600rpm. A separate 3.4hp (2.5kW) servomotor produces up to 100 true vertical strokes per minute up to 26.8" (680mm). The linear stroking drive maintains concentricity with the bore throughout the full stroke to produce a consistent diameter from top to bottom. The machine can hone bores with inside diameters from 0.75" to 8.00" (19mm to 200mm). A work envelope of 48" x 30" (1,219mm x 760mm), front-loading design, and weight capacity up to 1,325 lb (600kg) combine for versatility in processing a range of large parts.

The Phoenix PC control ensures automatic, consistent bore-to-bore geometry and finish, without constant adjustment by the operator. A 15" color touchscreen lets operators follow programmed honing recipes and monitor a real-time display of the full-bore cross section during the process. The control can store 1,000+ honing programs, and a USB port allows offline storage. A programmable Auto-Dwell feature automatically corrects taper anywhere in the bore for unattended operation, while two-stage honing tools with diamond or CBN abrasives can complete roughing and finishing operations in one pass.

Sunnen Products Co.