Large field of view measuring system

The QVI Snap large field-of-view measuring system supports cellular manufacturing environments, increasing efficiency and machine utilization. Available with a range of options and configurations, optional dual magnification optics offer a high- and low-optical range with digital magnification levels within each range. Programmable LED light sources create optimum contrast for automatic edge detection. With Snap-X software, Snap automatically identifies and measures the part without programming.

RAM (RAM Optical Instrumentation)

Solid carbide speed drill

The MK Tools Speed-Drill R4 geometry offers fast cutting speeds and long tool life in gray cast iron, ductile iron, and forged steel – all popular materials in automotive engine and chassis components. The corner radius design is tangential to the drill point but non-tangential to the diameter to address challenging, high production drilling applications.

Tooling options include standard drill and end mill programs for all material groups. Special tools include step drills, core drills, reamers, tapered drills, tapered reamers, and combination tools (drilling and milling).

Monaghan Tooling Group

Compact milling machine

The FZ40 compact space-saving portal milling machine for high-speed machining of steel, cast iron, and titanium features a rigid monoblock structure that allows rapid setup.

Available with the HSK-A100 tool holder, the FZ40 features a larger, more-rigid portal than other machines. It also has a larger cross slide, and the vertical slide has been optimized for machining tool steel.

F. Zimmermann GmbH

Updated HMC

The a71nx horizontal machine platform extends the capabilities of the a71 with an expanded work envelope, improved ergonomics, increased spindle torque, tool monitoring, motion controls, and the Professional 6 control. It features a 19.7" pallet and added extensions in X-, Y-, and Z-axis, bringing full-axis travels to 31.5", 29.5", and 32.7". The expanded axis travels increase the total machining volume 16% compared to the original a71. Maximum payload is 1,000kg.

The machine’s standard 60-tool-capacity automatic tool changer (ATC) has six reinforced pockets with a maximum tool length of 18.9"/22.4" (Cat/HSK) and maximum weight of 30kg. Available for CAT-50, BT 50, and HSK-A100 interfaces, the standard 10,000rpm spindle offers 37kW of power and 512Nm of torque. An optional 20,000rpm, core-cooled spindle is also available.


CAD/CAM software updates

Tebis CAD/CAM Version 4.0, Release 2 software supports rough machining of deep cavities. In roughing, the tool path automatically adapts to the geometry without full-width machining. Integrated re-roughing counteracts the formation of larger steps in steep boundary areas. These areas can be machined from bottom to top with a smaller depth of cut.

During off-screen calculation, software allows up to six NC calculations to be initiated in multiple open CAD files. A progress indicator covering multiple parts gives programmers an overview of the status of the processes in the files.

Tebis AG

Threading-tool clamping system

The Vardex F-Line threading tool fixed clamping system features an anti-rotation stopper designed into the toolholder to ensure insert immobility and system rigidity. Designed for mass-production requirements, the F-Line can reduce the number of cutting passes for an operation, increasing cutting speed. The system includes right-hand internal and external toolholders for standard (single-point) and multiple inserts. Internal toolholders come with coolant-thru technology.

Vargus USA

Soluble cutting fluid

Coolcut S-50 soluble cutting fluid improves tool life and reduces heat buildup and friction on work pieces. Additives in the liquid provide lubricity to cut materials such as high-tensile steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and copper alloys. The fluid forms a stable emulsion and will increase feed, cutting speed, and productivity. Coolcut S-50 supports drilling, milling, reaming, sawing, and turning, and is suitable for higher-pressure machining processes.

Walter Surface Technologies

Manufacturing performance monitoring software

Freedom 4.0 updates Freedom eLOG software in the areas of tracking asset utilization, performance, quality, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine health, and process health.

The multi-tenant, cloud-deployable system offers segregation and customization for each user. It can generate seven-day survey views; enhanced reports with configurable graphics; and data tables with sortable/selectable columns, collapsible menus, custom downtime categories, and flexibility to categorize unclassified time. Unlimited user-configured watch notifications alert users or user groups of machine conditions.


Compact linear pallet system

The LPSII linear pallet system offers a compact system to serve a 12-pallet capacity to one machine. Designed for facilities with limited floor space, it handles workpiece sizes up to 800mm in diameter x 900mm high (31.4" x 35.4") on each pallet with weights up to 500kg (1,102.5 lb).

Doosan Machine Tools America

Robotic grit blaster

The RXS-400 rotary-index, twin-spindle machine for cellular manufacturing can be used to build a super-precise robotic grit blaster. A Fanuc M710 Robot carries a bank of eight Guyson Model 900 guns, mounted in a heavy-duty cabinet with powered sliding door.

The robot suite accommodates abrasion protection and freedom of movement, reducing the possibility of robot faults due to the suite binding on the arm.

The robot controls twin precision Alpha S4 servos coupled to Apex precision 50:1 ratio gear boxes. A precision two-stop CAM Technologies indexer puts the part in the exact location for the robot to paint the surface. A roof-mounted precision rotary union supplies air to vacuum holding fixtures.

The reclaim system is Guyson’s 300/28 cyclone with urethane lining for super abrasion protection. Media fluidity is maintained by a programmable logic controlled (PLC) heater pad and vibrator mounted to the 6ft3 mixer box. Broken down media is replenished with a PLC-controlled media adder. Metering of metal bead media is controlled through the PLC and magnavalves.

Guyson Corp.

Drill/tap, drill/mill centers

The small-footprint DT-2 drill/tap center and DM-2 drill/mill center provide high acceleration rates, fast axis speeds, and short tool change times as smaller systems, while offering an additional 8" (203mm) of X-axis travel and table length.

The DT-2 features a BT30 taper machine with a 15,000rpm inline direct-drive spindle and a high-speed 20+1 side-mount tool changer. It is also available with an optional 20,000rpm spindle. The DM-2 is a 40-taper machine, with a 15,000rpm inline direct-drive spindle and a high-speed 18+1 side-mount tool changer. Both machines allow high-speed rigid tapping to 5,000rpm, with up to 4x retract speed to shorten tapping cycles.

Haas Automation