It’s been an awful year. Too many people got sick and died, too many businesses failed, too many people lost jobs, and too many people got incredibly tired of seeing only their immediate family and pets.

It was also the year that showed the tough economic decisions automakers have been making for years – managing debt, building up cash reserves, focusing on capacity utilization, combining platforms to lower development costs – allowed them to remain profitable despite the year’s awfulness (see Infographic, pg. 16). And, companies continued to invest in the future, spending heavily to launch electric vehicles (EVs) within the next few years (see Today’s eMobilitycover story, pg. 21).

Rather than rehash those developments, let’s look forward. I’d like to share some exciting news with our readers about our plans for 2021. In 2020, we launched print coverage of the EV, autonomous vehicle (AV), and electric/ autonomous aerospace markets with Today’s eMobility. In four 2020 issues, including this one, we focused on the technologies and manufacturing processes that will dominate industry spending in coming years.

Next year, we’ll separate the two magazines, giving us more space to cover broader manufacturing topics in TMV and focus on next-generation vehicles and technology in TeM. The schedule for 2021 is:

For those of you who are counting, that means 10 issues next year covering the motor vehicle, EV, AV, and next-generation flight worlds, up from 9 issues of TMV in 2020. This separation is an opportunity for us to expand our scope.

Readers of TMV will still receive plenty of EV and AV market coverage. In addition to keeping the Electric Drive and Autonomous news departments in TMV, we will continue to run feature stories and news items that highlight electric and autonomous drive. With EV sales rising, electric drive will be key to the future of automotive and commercial truck markets (see TeM automotive news, pg. 21), and you’ll continue to read about that here.

TeM readers will get more focused coverage on those futuristic markets. We’ll have articles on complex machining challenges, manufacturing technology that enables increased EV production, promising advances to lower battery costs, novel technologies that could make vehicles safer, and the latest news from the motor vehicle and aerospace industries. If you’d like to receive both, be sure to sign up for TeM at

Despite the pandemic, 2020 has been a transformational year for North America’s auto industry, and I’m very excited with our plans to share more of that story with you in 2021.