Quick-Change Toolholders, ISO-standard toolholders with quick-change shanks, conform to ISO 26623, use standard components, and maximize carbide and ceramic turning tool life.

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Laser radar inspection system

The Accurate Precision Distance Scanning (APDIS) laser radar inspection system offers precise, no touch measurement to boost quality and efficiency on automotive and other large-scale production lines.

With more than 150 installations in 36 vehicle plants worldwide, automakers are already using previous versions of the Laser Radar system to improve quality, reduce scrap, and save money.

APDIS can measure almost any surface in 2 seconds to 3 seconds per feature. A built-in orientation sensor allows measuring in any orientation when robot mounted, with auto detection to load calibration data automatically. Direct surface vibration measurement technology delivers safe, remote analysis with built-in laser systems.

Precise control of scan path and accurate point cloud-based feature measurements keep data sets small. Holes, slots, and other sheet metal features can be measured in a few seconds, and specific surface points at several per second. Traditionally troublesome features, such as studs, can be scanned and measured rapidly without adapters.

A high-definition Nikon camera, coupled with confocal optics, offer better viewing of what’s being inspected to deliver real-time data.

APDIS is 40% lighter and 25% smaller than the previous generation. The shorter range (0.5m) allows it to fit into tight factory spaces and eases movement around the production floor.

Touchless technology reduces the risk of harming parts or the APDIS unit. The scanner is sealed to protect lasers from dust and water, and meets IP54 (IEC 60529) industry standards.

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Multi-pallet loader

The Double Mast Crane-Automatic Pallet Changer (DMC-APC) can load machine tools directly and act as an automatic pallet changer, accommodating payloads up to 2,200 lb (1,000kg). The load handler device on the Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) stacker crane moves pallets between storage, machines, and loading/material stations.

With DMC-APC, manufacturers do not need APCs to configure an FMS. The DMC-APC can accommodate up to two pallets. Controlled by cell management software, it selects the next workpiece-loaded pallet from a storage system, moves it to an open machine tool, picks up the previously machined workpiece/pallet, spins 180°, and places the new workpiece/pallet into the machine tool. This scenario takes about 30-to-40 seconds, about one-third the speed of single-pallet automation systems.

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