BA W06

1) You can always improve upon perfection

When SW introduced the BA W06 to the market more than 15 years ago, it quickly gained a reputation in automotive manufacturing. The machine continues to be a best seller for the supplier of machine, automation, and system solutions. It’s perfectly suited for high-volume machining of large, nonferrous components made of light metals. To make the machine more adapted to the electric vehicle (EV) market, the machine was revamped to accommodate a wider variety of needs. Typical workpieces for the machine include gearbox housings, engine blocks, lightweight casted shock towers, and suspension parts.

2) Making fast faster

With linear motors in each of its drives, the BA W06 is a very rapid SW machine, placing it among the fastest machine tools on the worldwide market today. In the recently released upgrade, the chip-to-chip time has been reduced by 10% from its previous version.

3) More dynamic

The new version of the machine is more dynamic and precise than ever. The spindle distance is variable from 590mm to 651mm, widening the variety of workpieces it can process. This also widens the variety of jobs that manufacturers can win. The machine is available now with an HSK 100 light meaning that it can hold larger tools. Even under a range of production conditions, there’s greater dimensional accuracy. The positional accuracy has also been improved (±0.006mm) as verified by ISO 230-2, in the X-, Y-, and Z-axes.

4) Improving user experience

The new BA W06 features the SW C|one control panel. The control panel’s multi-touch capabilities allow it to handle input from more than one concurrent touchpoint (i.e. two-finger zooming). This significantly modernizes the user experience. The main control panel is a dynamic 24" display. The BA W06 also has the option for a secondary control tablet that can be docked at the tool changing station. This tablet can be brought around to different machines and can even be used remotely, given that it is connected to the company network.

5) The future is digital

There are a lot of lessons for us to take away from 2020. For manufacturers, one of the key takeaways should be a renewed fervor toward committing to digitization. Remote capabilities (such as those provided by the C|one tablet) can be the deciding factor for continuing success. Additionally, during the pandemic, it became clear that the SW customers connected to the SW CloudPlatform had their productions suffer less during mandatory lockdowns than those without. SW provides a range of services called Life Services which helps customers maximize their ROI on SW products, long term.

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