T he new Eclipse 12-100 is a ground- up re-design of the famous Hydromat concept with all new components. The machine’s 2m-diamater ductile-iron casting, nearly twice as large as the traditional 12-station Hydromat machine, is designed for heavy, extremely accurate tool spindles, each having 3-axis capability as standard. This eliminates the need to change tool spindle sizes for different cutting processes or add 3-axis flanges.

The Eclipse features all-electric servo spindles. No hydraulics are needed for tool spindle motion as in previous Hydromat machines. These new technologies, along with the beefier base, yield better accuracy and repeatability.

The bar-fed collet version of the Eclipse 12-100 has a maximum workpiece diameter of 65mm (2.5"), nearly double the standard Hydromat machine, and features a maximum workpiece length of 180mm (7") with 127mm (5") of material outside the collet. The Eclipse is also available in an Indexing Chuck version that features a table with vertical chucks capable of 360° workpiece rotation. This system is ideal for mid- to high-volume precision production of irregular-shaped castings or forgings and is designed with the flexibility to easily accommodate families of parts.

EPIC updates

While Hydromat launches the new Eclipse machine, it also continues updating its EPIC line. A modular system, consisting of as many as 16 horizontal and 8 vertical tool spindle units, is rigidly mounted around a precision-cast base for high-precision machining of all critical surfaces. This arrangement can provide tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turnkey machining system. The precision-ground Hirth ring assures table accuracy and reliability to within 0.0002" from station to station. Hydromat’s non-rotating bar stock design provides quiet, vibration-free operation.

Components ideally suited for machining on Hydromats include automotive ABS brake systems and components for high-pressure fuel, electrical, air conditioning, engine, and steering systems.

New EPIC II machines feature the latest in CNC rotary transfer technology. This second iteration of the EPIC platform, using a Bosch CNC/PLC common control, boasts advancements such as enhanced operations, production reporting, downtime analysis, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance interval scheduling.

These features, among others, will improve part setups, changeovers, process-tooling development, and integrated tool monitoring. An upgraded servo control features absolute positioning, and a more efficient architecture that reduces failure points.

EPIC II, a streamlined version of the plug n’ play control architecture embedded into each tool spindle unit, offers the highest possible degree of performance and flexibility including complex multi-axis operations. The elimination of the previous PMAC EPIC boxes streamlines electronics and features the finest of today’s technology. The result – reduced wiring and machine plugs; common servo valves; and a new, more economical unit motor that saves costs.

Hydromat Inc.