The CIM clamping system provides high precision, accuracy, and repeatability through an internal tool indexing mechanism that locates the tool in the correct orientation. The collet holds the tool securely for high stability, and tool change does not require holder removal. Designed to fit standard and special Carmex Tiny Tools, the CIM system eliminates retaining screws and features three clamping flats on the shank for maximum flexibility. The system’s internal coolant feature allows flow through the CIM holder and Tiny Tool for delivery to the cutting edge.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Microscopic vision system

MiSCAN is a multiple sensor microscopic-form measurement system combining coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and vision measurement system technology with a micro-form scanning probe.

The MPP-NANO probe can use styli as small as 125µm to measure microscopic workpieces. The observation camera simplifies measurement setup.

Mitutoyo America Corp.

Gear skiving machine

The LK 180/280 DC gear skiving machine offers a machine-integrated tool changing system with up to 12 storage locations. In addition to chamfering during machining, this offers the option of additional SkivingPlus functions such as turning, drilling, milling, or measuring. The 90° positioned chamfering device delivers deburred and chamfered workpieces and does not influence cycle time.

The machine also allows users to produce internal gears with a defined chamfer.

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH