ColorFuse integrates injection molding and painting for direct fabrication and surface coloring to quickly produce high-gloss and scratch-resistant parts and multi-textured exteriors with novel design options.

Material cost savings can be as high as 35% compared to wet painting while achieving the same high-gloss piano black appearance in an A-pillar application.

A molded part is flow-coated with a polyurea reactive lacquer while still in the multi-component tool and then leaves the mold in the desired color without extending the injection molding cycle.

ColorFuse metal-effect surfaces are scratch resistant and resilient to climatic and environmental effects such as UV radiation. Enabling precise accents and styling lines, ColorFuse offers high-gloss, matte, or grained surfaces.


Unsealed connectors

The AMP MCP 18P monoblock connector is designed for harsh environments for industrial and commercial transportation with its flame-retardant composition and lever design.

For bulkhead, in-cabin, and fuse-and-relay-box applications, the unsealed monoblock connectors use the AMP MCP 2.8 contact system, have a mating force less than 75N, and can easily be used for new or existing designs. They fit into existing bulkhead cut-outs and the required secondary locking feature keeps contacts aligned.

Flame-retardant UL 94 V-0 material increases safety, as does the required secondary locking feature. In addition, four available colors ensure proper mating and ease assembly.

TE Connectivity (TE)

Mustang supercharger

The TVS R2650 supercharger boosts performance in Ford’s 5.2L V8 engine that powers the 2020 Shelby GT500. The supercharger is the evolution of the Twin Vortices Series (TVS) platform, which features rotor coating for improved efficiency. The high-twist, four-lobe rotor design is 15% larger than the TVS 2300 supercharger found on the previous Shelby GT500 and features several improvements to maximize efficiency and improve performance at higher speeds.

TVS R2650 provides up to 12psi of boost, helping to produce 760hp and 625 lb-ft of torque in the Mustang. Technical modifications include a 170° helical twist of its rotors, which is 10° greater than previous TVS rotors. Other upgrades include bearing plate pressure relief points that reduce trapped volume pressure and optimized sealing for better flow efficiency.