The high-capacity automatic tool changer (ATC) for BH series dual-drive press brakes increases production levels and utilization rates while reducing setup time.

The ATC allows for fully automated tool setup and removal, freeing operators to perform other tasks. Its 107.3ft x 170.6ft storage capacity provides tooling variation ranging from high-runner V-dies to specialized hemming or off-set tools.

Up to 2.0" V-die openings and 19.7" lengths can be placed with the single, large-capacity tool manipulator that has pick-and-place for small tool sections for setups not requiring full setup removal.

The BH series ATC machine can be used as a stand-alone press brake or automated system, enabling flexibility for one-off jobs.

MC Machinery Systems Inc.

Long-grooving inserts, blades

GL double-edged inserts, available in 0.080" to 0.236" widths, are suitable for long-grooving applications. The insert is supported by two new geometries:

  • PR geometry is for medium-to-high feeds in various machining conditions. Its cutting-edge strength resists cracking when grooving interrupted cuts and is suitable for parting-off of bars.
  • PM geometry is for low-to-medium feeds on soft materials, such as austenitic stainless steel, offering greater resistance to built-up edge and reducing the bur left when parting-off tubes.
  • A line of universal tool blades, available in 1.02" to 1.26" heights, feature a double-sided clamping key and a design which enables inserts to be replaced with one hand.

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