The Vortex Dynamic Filter (VDF) cyclone filter removes sludge and impurities from machine tool coolant without using paper filters. When installed on a CNC lathe or machining center, the VDF can filter particulates as small as 10µm from lubricants, removing about 95% of potential contaminants.

Nearly doubling coolant life leads to higher machine uptime, and eliminating paper filters sheds a consumables cost and reduces time spent changing filters. For machinists using magnetic filtration, the VDF can collect non-magnetic particles such as grind wheel abrasives and aluminum swarf.

The system, available in various configurations, includes the cyclone filter, a self-priming pump, filter stand, and interconnecting piping with options for manual or automatic sludge cleanout.

Nikuni America Inc.

ER collet chucks

Jacobs Taper Rigid ER collet chucks use premium, through-hardened steel, precision ground to provide 0.0002" or better total indicator reading (TIR). Available with Jacobs taper #1, #2, #33, and #4, the holders are primarily used in drilling. Compatible with standard Jacobs taper spindles, they accept standard ER collets. The chucks are available in an ER16, ER20, ER32, and specials.

T.M. Smith Tool Int’l. Corp.

Connected factory apps

Several LMS 4.0 apps support advanced Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity.

Production Schedule App (PSA) – Manages production orders, processes; production orders can include part types, quantity, delivery date; processes orders statically by sequence or dynamically by delivery date

Part Tracking App (PTA) – Logs part tracking data in assembly line; loads program data as workpieces enter cells; adapt, configure data structure with Microsoft Excel template; define workpiece lists

Production Monitoring App (PMA) – Records production, operating data; determines, visualizes system availabilities, downtimes; detects system weaknesses, optimizes production

Predictive Planned Maintenance App (PMA) – Intelligent maintenance planning, generates maintenance logs (under development); self-learning system registers station wear curves, plans maintenance to reduce downtime

Info Board App – Displays machine data, operating states on mobile devices, computers, connected televisions; supports remote monitoring

Liebherr Automation Systems