The TCB503HQ 4-channel power amplifier for car audio resists power surges, improving reliability. It supports 6V operations suitable for vehicles equipped with start-stop engine technology, suppressing popping sounds that occur when power voltage fluctuates.

A built-in filter improves resistance to extraneous high-frequency noise and prevents generation of abnormal noise. A clip-detection signal controls the volume and tone control circuit, improving sound quality.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp.

Self-dimming bright headlights

Advanced adaptive driving beam (AADB) headlights leave high beams turned on all the time in connection with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Existing adaptive driving beam (ADB) technology keeps high beams on but blocks portions of the high-beam light that is directed at the car in front. Many ADAS systems use cameras for detection, so higher light output improves performance by better identifying road signs and potential hazards.

However, ADB cannot always respond to rapid movements of other vehicles, such as vehicles overtaking from behind and vehicles making quick turns. By combining camera, radar, navigation system, and steering-angle sensor data, AADB technology offers a higher level of precise light control. AADB collects information on lanes and assesses information on vehicles overtaking from blind spots, road-condition information, and curvature data on curves.

Hyundai Mobis

Hybrid connector system

The stAK50h unsealed connection system delivers signal and Ethernet connectivity in automotive body electronics, safety and driver assist systems, and infotainment devices and modules.

Eliminating the need for two connection systems for signal and Ethernet optimizes space and design flexibility. The USCAR-2-compliant system expedites validation time for Tier 1 automotive manufacturers making design changes and launching new vehicle models. The stackable header design eliminates custom tooling, engineering, and validation time.

With through-hole style unsealed headers and hybrid connectors, the single- to multi-bay stAK50h system meets industry-standard footprints based on 0.50mm, 1.20mm, and 2.80mm terminal sizes. The hybrid system is available with 12- to 56-circuit receptacles and can be used in applications ranging from low-current signal (5A) to high-power applications (30A).

Headers and receptacles are color-matched for quick identification and easy assembly. The connector position assurance (CPA) latching feature prevents accidental disengagement.

Molex LLC