Developed with the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF), AEF high-voltage connectors transmit data and power for machinery from major agricultural machinery manufacturers.

The agricultural industry has traditionally relied on hydraulic or mechanical solutions for power transmission, but many equipment manufacturers are developing electrical and hybrid machinery and components, requiring new connectivity options. AEF high-voltage connections are designed to meet the future power requirements of ancillary equipment and attachments.

Harting Inc. of North America

Transportation middleware

The C2X Middleware Platform uses wireless communication between two vehicles, or between a road and a vehicle, to support the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) standard specification of the United States, Europe, and Japan. The platform lets developers create software to exchange information, such as position, speed, and control of automobiles, and road infrastructure information obtained from surrounding signposts and roadside sensors.

There have been recent advances toward the commercialization of connected cars and automatic driving. However, the standard specifications for wireless communication are different depending on the country, and developers of C2X-targeted applications must do separate development according to each specification.

Hitachi Solutions Ltd.

Enhanced LiDAR

The VLS-128 light detection and ranging (LiDAR) unit uses 128 laser beams to generate high-resolution images for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems, replacing a 64-laser system.

The sensor provides real-time 3D images around the vehicle and into the distance, producing billions of data points for computers. It is 70% smaller than the HDL-64 it replaces, with double the range and 4x the resolution. It operates in dry and wet environments.

Velodyne LiDAR