Variable cam timing technology

A combination of variable cam timing (VCT) technologies – including cam torque actuated (CTA) phasers with mid- position lock and integrated center bolt – ease vehicle assembly and improve fuel efficiency by about 1.7%.

CTA phasers take advantage of existing torsional energy in the valve train to actuate faster and operate throughout a wider range of engine speeds and temperatures than conventional VCT systems. A variable-force solenoid allows CTA phasers to use less engine oil, lowering parasitic losses and expanding duty cycles of oil-actuated variable-valve lift systems. Mid-position lock technology allows an increased range of camshaft positioning with a default stop at an intermediate position within the expanded range of travel. Passive mid-lock technology ensures failsafe return to the mid-park position for reliable engine starts in any operating condition. The integrated center bolt simplifies engine production on the assembly line.

BorgWarner Inc.

Plug-in hybrid electric drive system

A complete electric-drive system for plug-in hybrid vehicles helps automakers incorporate eDrive systems into their vehicle lines by eliminating integration of individual components from multiple suppliers. The module integrates a water-cooled electric motor and inverter with a single-speed eAxle reduction gearbox.

The system generates a maximum 65kW of power and can deliver up to 2,000N-m of torque to the rear wheels. The eDrive module is 300mm x 325mm and weighs 54kg, making it around 20mm narrower and 2.5kg lighter than comparable systems.

GKN Driveline