Horizontal machining center

The H.Plus-504 horizontal machining center offers high speed, rigidity, precision, and reliability. The unit has a 500mm x 500mm pallet and #40-taper spindle. Its working envelope will handle workpieces up to 800mm x 1,000mm, weighing up to 750kg, on each pallet.

In addition to the standard 12,000rpm spindle, a 20,000rpm (108.4N-m) spindle for high speed machining and 15,000rpm (350.0N-m) spindle for high-torque, heavy-duty machining are available.

A standard B-axis rotary indexing table is driven with a direct-drive motor with a maximum feed rate of 100rpm. Matsuura’s dynamic clamp system (DCS) and automatic acceleration and deceleration control (ADC) contribute to shorter cycle and indexing times.

Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.


Dovetail vises

DoveLock dovetail vises are designed for clamping strength and tailored to allow access to five sides of the workpiece in 5-axis, 4-axis, and palletized CNC machining systems. The 1" jaw width DTR10 model and 2" jaw width DTR20 models have jaw openings of 0.33" to 1.65", depending on the DoveLock model. Reversible jaws provide a wider clamping range of the dovetail workpiece.

Varying dovetail widths from setup to setup can be accommodated because of the moveable jaw stroke. Machinists can use the optimum sized dovetail strip best suited for the part size and configuration. Preparation of the part blank does not require the dovetail holding strip to be machined within 0.001", so machining is faster than with other dovetail styles holding fixtures.

Built from pre-hardened 4140 steel, the DoveLock vise minimizes high machining pressure, deflection, and clamp creep. Dovelock models come integrated with a mounting base pre-configured with hole patterns to fit most CNC machines. Additional riser bases or pallet options are available from the factory.

Kurt Mfg. Co.


Vision sensors

Low-cost SBSI vision sensors for code reading and quality inspection feature fast setup, compact, rugged IP67 housings. SBSI sensors can be ordered as components, parts of a sub-system ready for assembly, or incorporated into a plug-and-play module.

The SBSI-B reads 1D and 2D codes and can be used to identify and track-and-trace products for production flow, logistics, and serialization. The SBSI-B can also read direct part marking (DPM) codes, including laser-etched and dot-peened codes. The SBSI-B reads up to 10 codes per image.

The SBSI-Q for quality inspection can be used for completeness and presence sensing to ensure all relevant parts are mounted and/or accounted for. Position checking can verify if caps are correctly mounted or screws and holes are in the right position. Fill level control can ascertain that the correct amount of liquid, powder, or solids are in a container. The SBSI-Q can compare an object’s contour with taught-in reference contour, and can compare patterns and evaluate pixels within the search area by calculating contrast, brightness, or variations in gray scale.

Code reading models have enhanced depth of field to increase the area of focus. Built-in lighting comes in white, red, or infrared. Options for additional lighting include ring lights and area lights. All additional lights are plug-and-play. All key functions, including processing, lighting, and optics, are integrated.

Festo Group


Inspection lamp

The Tritan 365 Tri-365SBLC inspection lamp has a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of less than 5,000µW/cm2 at 15” (38cm) with a 4” (10cm) diameter coverage area at 15” (38cm), and a minimum UV-A intensity of 2,500µW/cm2.

It features a low visible light emission of less than 0.5 foot-candle (5 lux), while long-lasting UV-A lenses reduce the rate of solarization. A thermal cut-off circuit prevents the lamp from going out of compliance when internal temperature exceeds specifications.

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.