Unexpected maintenance issues can be crippling. While some machine monitoring solutions could report equipment status, they weren’t able to send alerts of machine health or maintenance issues… until now. This new predictive maintenance capability can assess the health of major machine subsystems, allowing manufacturers to take proactive steps to avoid unplanned downtime.

1) What benefits does predictive maintenance provide?

Catastrophic machine failure is costly; resulting in lost production time, missed customer delivery, and overtime pay needed to get back on schedule. It’s the reason Makino engineered MHmax, short for Makino Health maximizer.

To create this dynamic program, Makino analyzed more than 15 years of service records and millions of data points to understand key downtime issues. MHmax uses sensors inside the machine to track and report machine health using real-time data, monitoring any deviations from the norm. If issues are detected, operators are immediately notified so they can attend to potential problems before any production is lost. Preventing unforeseen issues and proactively planning maintenance during a time that won’t affect production can lead to higher profit margins.

2) What systems can be monitored with predictive maintenance?

MHmax monitors spindle health through its vibration frequency analysis for bearing faults. Coolant systems are closely watched, assuring flow and temperatures stay within ideal ranges. System response time, pressure, and temperature are analyzed in the hydraulic system. MHmax also serves as a sentinel for the mechanical system; running automatic tool change (ATC) arm alignment and gearbox operation analysis.

3) How does MHmax alert staff of potential issues?

Three levels of connectivity were designed to accommodate various stages of information technology (IT)/security clearance restrictions:

  • Level 1 – Displays analysis and alerts only on the stand-alone machine
  • Level 2 – Connects the machine to the manufacturer’s network, using servers to deliver email or mobile text alerts
  • Level 3 – Pushes alerts to the Makino dispatch system which facilitates a proactive response from Makino’s Customer Service team

Regardless of the connectivity level chosen, MHmax sends real-time proactive alerts before a failure occurs.

4) Does MHmax execute maintenance tasks or prevent machine wearing?

MHmax is not a substitute for performing regular maintenance and doesn’t directly prevent machine wearing. Its intended use is to give the maintenance department time to plan for upkeep, sustaining the machine at its peak overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and avoiding unplanned downtime.

5) Will MHmax stop machine operation if it detects a major issue?

MHmax is a subscription-based product and employs its own onboard, dedicated computer. It alerts operators of developing performance trends but doesn’t shut down the machine. Additionally, MHmax was designed so if it fails, the machine it’s installed on won’t be affected and will remain in production. Future software updates will continue to incorporate advancements through AI technology and machine learning.

For more information: www.makino.com/mhmax