The Soraluce FS 16000 multitasking machine is for large, complex workpieces that require high precision. It offers a generous work capacity, with longitudinal travel of 630", vertical travel of 142", and cross travel of 159"; making it suitable for machining large, complex workpieces in a single setup.

The machine incorporates two independent workstations, each including a table; one for milling operations with a traveling rotary table of 118" x 98" plus 78" W-axis, the second for milling and turning operations with a traveling rotary turning table of 118" plus 78" W-axis. Both tables have a load capacity up to 88,180 lb.

The traveling column design allows for pendulum machining where parts can be unloaded and loaded in one workstation while the spindle remains engaged in the other workstation for non-stop machining.

The multitasking head’s rotational locking system includes a clutch to clamp the spindle at any angle during turning operations, preventing bearing damage due to an internal retractable support ring. With this design, it’s possible to define head and spindle orientation at any angle, avoiding interferences with the workpiece or optimizing machining capability. Milling and turning tools are directly loaded into the spindle using the automatic tool changer (ATC) without requiring any intermediate elements.

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