ER-ready driven units combine with solid ER collets threaded to accept screw-on milling cutters, turning a CNC lathe into a milling machine.

Turret adapter clamping units (TACU) ER and the solid ER collets are available in ER25 through ER40 sizes with thread sizes ranging from M08 through M16, offering machining center-like capabilities to live tool lathes. Standard ER collets can be used with solid end mills or solid ER collets together with screw-on indexable milling cutters.

Sealed for through-the-tool coolant, there is a 1mm standoff for additional clearance on larger end mills with a precision-ground locating boss for minimal runout.

Kennametal Inc.

Tool monitoring system

Using a high precision, auto-scaling power sensor, the tool monitoring adaptive control (TMAC) system measures the load on the tool and compares it to the user-defined limits to determine wear. TMAC’s direct interface to the CNC control allows the system to make real-time adjustments to feeds and speeds, automatically expire worn tools, and stop and retract tools instantaneously if breakage or other conditions occur. Its intuitive user interface views all live cutting data, with all cuts recorded to view and analyze later.

A pre-load signal creates precise start and stop timing from the CNC which synchronizes monitoring based on PLC functions.

Caron Engineering Inc.