The model CA-B50100-BST NSI automated guided vehicle (AGV) with kitting cart can travel in both directions and when necessary, rotate in place.

Both ends of the AGV are guided, as dual-drive wheels independently follow the magnetic guide path, reducing the amount of space the AGV requires when routing in tight spaces. It can travel up to 50m/min and has an estimated towing capacity of 2,222 lb. (1,000kg).

Programmable with up to 50 courses, it reads floor mounted radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for position feedback and command tapes adjacent to the magnetic tape guide path.


TNC contouring machine control

The Gen 3 TNC 640 control is for 3-axis milling to 5-axis simultaneous machining with milling, turning, and grinding operations with up to 24 axes.

Providing higher spindle and axis dynamics, the Gen 3 drives require less space in its electrical cabinet, resulting in reduced storage, mounting costs, and servicing time.

The control offers high availability and surface quality with shortened machining times, as well as with any other upcoming functions of Heidenhain controls.

StateMonitor 1.3 makes it simple to remotely monitor efficiency improvements and return of investment (ROI) of CNC functions.

Heidenhain Corp.

Measuring arm scanner

The RS-Squared 3D area scanner is compatible with current generation Absolute Arm 7-axis systems. It performs high-speed scans of simple shapes and surfaces and is best suited for large parts with lower detail requirements.

The white light scanner uses the Absolute Arm system to position large square tiles of 3D scan data, eliminating the need for reference markers or complex mechanical processes such as fringe projection that require a stable environment. Up to four data tiles are captured every second, which combined with minimal setup time, creates a scanning system that can quickly generate point cloud data. A repeatable mounting system allows the scanner to be removed and remounted without recalibration.

Additional features include an extra-large scan tile measuring 300mm x 300mm, providing a fast scanning solution by permitting coverage of a larger area. The scanner’s speed allows a surface that would usually take one hour to scan to be digitalized in 10 minutes. Data feedback and settings adjustment at the point of measurement are built into the Absolute Arm 7-axis through its on-wrist display, and the RS-Squared is integrated with scanner profiles selectable without putting down the scanner.

Exact Metrology Inc.