The TLH series 3D 5-axis, cantilever-design, fiber-laser cutting machine allows mass production of in-line applications. A compact head speeds laser machining.

Rigid machines allow opening one side of the machine for improved accessibility. Designed to cut ultra-high-strength steels following hot stamping, the TLH series offers a laser solution for materials that are difficult to cut with traditional tools.

Komatsu America Industries LLC 

3D vision system

The Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) creates stereo, high-definition, 3D images without a monitor or virtual reality (VR) headsets or glasses. Images appear to float in front of a mirror.

DRV offers ergonomics and optimized user interfaces, allowing interaction with local or remote users or complementary analytical equipment. Designed for 3D visual modeling and imaging manufacturing processes such as printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, DRV allows multi-site companies to conduct real time, high-definition, 3D stereo image comparisons to multiple users.

Without a headset, the DRV system eliminates sensory isolation, disorientation, and resolution problems common with VR or augmented reality (AR) technologies.

TriTeQ3 digital 3D display technology on the DRV Z1 (Zoom model 1) incorporates a zoom microscope module, designed to advance the quality control and production process by enabling operators to view magnified subjects in 3D.

Vision Engineering Ltd.

Robotic automation control cabinet

The Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) control system handles coordinated motion for up to 6 axes, providing an integrated robotic solution with kinematics for H, T, 2D, 3D standard gantry systems.

Cartesian motion applications can be configured and integrated quickly with function blocks or automated optical inspections (AOIs) for various controller brands. FMCP comprises servo drives with safety circuit, power supply, gateway to fieldbus, and circuit protection.

Festo Group