Betamate and Betaforce structural adhesives enhance the flexibility and safety of lightweight designs and seal hard-to-weld substrates against environmental conditions. In addition, Betaseal bonding solutions for glass bonding are compatible with vehicle production processes including cold- and warm-applied systems.

Betafill seam sealants offer permanent elasticity and adhesion for various substrates, and are suitable for panel sealing, gap filling, and finishing. The sealants also provide acoustical and thermal management benefits.

Dow Automotive Systems

Brake solenoid valves

Plug-in Lo-Lohm Latching 3-port HDI solenoid valves combine high flow capabilities of Lo-Lohm HDI valves with power savings of Latching HDI valves. The 3-port Lo-Lohm latching design supports applications that need high flow capacity, low power, miniature size, and reliability. After supplying a momentary (10ms minimum) voltage pulse, the magnetically latched solenoid valve will hold its flow state until follow-on momentary voltage pulse (with reverse polarity) is applied to switch its flow direction. Aside from the momentary pulse, no power is consumed while maintaining each flow state, an important feature for electric vehicles.

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