Actuating tools featuring a monoblock design are equipped with up to 20 indexable inserts to machine bores in diesel commercial truck engines, including ISO inserts and custom inserts. The HSK-160 connection has an enlarged face surface with a 200mm diameter.

One tool weighs up to 60kg. Despite the connection and a tool length of 380mm, the tool has a radial run-out accuracy of 3µm.

The slides are actuated by a drawbar via an additional NC axis in the machine controller. Integrating into the HSK connection, a high-precision bayonet mount couples the drawbar automatically during tool change.

Inside the tool, the drawbar’s carbide ramps transfer movements to the slides. To maximize productivity, three spindles can machine three bores simultaneously.


Electric CNC tube end-forming machine

E-Shape is a compact, all-electric CNC tube end-forming machine with a punch table that operates horizontally, eliminating interference from overhead structures.

Providing 10 processing stations, the E-Shape can be equipped with ram stations, rotary and/or cutting tools, allowing users to configure the machine as needed.

Offering 10 tons of force, the E-Shape yields quality complex shapes and end forming in thick-walled materials or stainless steel. It can perform tapering, flaring, closing, facing, and cutting for repeatable end forms, finish, and quality.


Industrial computer

The E9066E 15.6" wide-screen industrial computer offers data collection, measurement, industrial control, and production/factory automation. Running on a 64-bit industry-grade quad-core processor, the E9066E provides throughput for complex calculations and graphical applications without impacting system performance.

Its full-HD LCD with integrated touch screen supplies operator information, rich color, and detailed screen images.

The E9066 provides gaging applications with several LAN, USB, and legacy communication ports, as well as industrial fieldbus communication ports. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery pack are available.

QuickSPC Measurement and statistical process control (SPC) software suite and GagePod Data Acquisition System offer cost-effective solutions and performance for real-time data acquisition and measuring applications, process and quality control, and real-time SPC.

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