A 0.13µm bipolar complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor (DMOS) [BCD] process for automotive power semiconductors should lead to higher-performance, lower-cost products.

The BCD process technology combines three bipolar processing for analog signal control and CMOS and DMOS for digital signal control and high-power handling.

The process has been certified as Grade-1 under AEC-Q100, a reliability standard for automotive electronics such as motor driver integrated circuit (IC), battery management systems (BMSs), and DC-DC ICs.

According to IHS Markit technology research, now a part of Informa Tech, the automotive semiconductor market is forecast to grow from $42 billion in 2019 to approximately $60 billion in 2023.

MagnaChip Semiconductor

Electric scooter airbag

Initial testing of an airbag of electric scooters indicate reduced head and chest injuries for riders.

“In a world where there are still too many casualties in the transport system, and when society is evolving rapidly to new ways of mobility, Autoliv is researching new solutions to make the journey safer to anyone’s destination. This first e-scooter test is a good example of the commitment of Autoliv to save more lives, exploring new solutions for one of the new ways of mobility,” says Jordi Lombarte, Autoliv CTO.

In addition to airbags mounted on scooters, the company is studying airbags mounted on car exteriors that could protect scooter drivers if they run into other vehicles.

Autoliv Inc.

Natural gas engine

An adapted Ford truck engine, the 7.3L Near Zero runs on natural gas to power Class 4 through Class 7 commercial trucks. Designed to meet California standards for 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-per-hour (g/bhp-hr) nitrogen oxide (NOx) standards, engine development is expected to be complete by mid-2020.

The Near Zero Natural Gas engine will be available for Ford F-450, F-550, F-650, F-750, F-53, F-59, and E-450 applications. The engine should suit shuttle buses (hotel, airport, rental car), box trucks, tow trucks, service body trucks, and large package trucks.

Near Zero Natural Gas vehicles come directly from Ford manufacturing plants in Kentucky and Ohio to Landi Renzo USA’s facility in Torrance, California, or an authorized distributor, where they are converted with the Landi Renzo’s Eco Ready compressed natural gas (CNG) system.

Landi Renzo USA 

EGR coolers, tubes

Exhaust gas recirulation (EGR) coolers and tubes for 1.3L and 1.5L engines allow automakers to meet emissions standards. An updated cooler uses hybrid tube technology that employs corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel hybrid tubes inside the cooler to reduce hot exhaust gas temperatures from 875°C to 150°C. The specially shaped high-density gasoline fin design maintains a high heat transfer rate with low pressure loss in the exhaust gases. Built for durability and performance, the EGR cooler is compact technology that reduces emissions and improves fuel economy.


Truck power take-offs (PTOs)

Bezares 95X series four-bolt, rear-mounted power take-offs (PTOs) are for commercial trucks using the Eaton Cummins Endurant 12-speed automated transmission or Detroit DT12 automated transmission.

The lightweight, compact rear countershaft PTO features pneumatic shifting and is available with three internal ratios. The offset design improves the position of an attached pump to avoid interference with other vehicle elements.

The heavy-duty, two-gear 120X series PTO is built from an aluminum housing, coupling heavy-duty strength with light weight, and fits models DT12-DA/14.93-1.0 and DT12-OA/14.96-1.0.

Featuring internal ratios from 1:1 to 1:1.8, the 120X PTO series integrates with the auxiliary systems of the DT12 transmission and offers four output options. The housing improves clearance and eases installation, while the DIN output permits multiple configuration options.


Configuration tool

The updated Internet System for Computerized Application Analysis (iSCAAN) optimizes vehicle configurations, evaluates vehicle acceptability, and predicts vehicle performance for more than 20 vocational applications. Next-generation iSCAAN will enable users to more efficiently create iSCAAN applications and interpret results. Draft or incomplete iSCAAN applications are saved for editing and completion at the user’s convenience.

Standard graphical and tabular result displays enhance reporting. Application submissions are automated but require additional integration with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) business systems.

The iSCAAN updates support Allison Transmission’s existing lineup of on-highway, off-highway, and hybrid-electric bus transmissions. The company plans to add support for electric drivetrains expected to be released in late 2020.

Allison Transmission

Powertrain vents

The Screw-Fit and three Hose-Fit powertrain vents (PTVs) bring standardized assembly and long vent life to vehicles operating in harsh conditions. The PTVs feature an oil-coalescing pre-filter to help maintain airflow. The PTVs protect vehicle powertrain enclosures from contaminants and pressure stress.

Common vent hoses can be cumbersome to install and tend to clog with lubricants. The updated PTVs integrate into any powertrain system, and the pre-filter keeps them working longer.

The Hose-Fit vent fits like a cap over the end of a short vent hose, and the low-profile Screw-Fit vent screws directly into the powertrain housing.

Donaldson Co.