The Multigrind CB XL 5-axis CNC grinding center machines pieces from 1,400mm to 3,200mm in length. Optional table extensions can be configured to meet individual requirements.

Grinding wheel shapes are produced and maintained with on-board dressing spindles and automatic wear compensation, ensuring consistent precision.

Direct-driven, water-cooled grinding spindles are suitable for grinding, milling, and drilling. Drive power up to 50kW (67hp) at speeds up to 12,000rpm deliver high material removal rates. The HSK 80 E interface ensures quick, precise, repeatable automatic wheel changes. The standard tool magazine has 15 wheels. A 300mm shelf tool magazine with space for 65 grinding wheels and up to 20 coolant nozzle sets is available.

Haas Multigrind LLC

Kitting cart

The A-frame kitting cart with dividers stores long and slender parts vertically for quick identification and retrieval. Measuring 44" x 30" x 80", it can hold up to 425 lb.

The continuous plastic shelf ensures nothing falls through and the box design of the base stores parts securely. Upper and lower retaining straps secure products during long-distance transport. Another shelf at the back of the cart stores hardware or other supplies.

Four 5" diameter swivel casters offer stable movement. A separate floor lock integrated into the cart’s base holds the cart in place.

Options can include feet for stationary operations, label holders to identify positions, hooks, and clipboards. The cart can be outfitted with a towing hitch.

Creform Corp.

Electric walk-in oven

No. 976 is a 500°F (260°C) electrically heated jumbo walk-in oven used for heating molds with a 13.0" x 28.0" x 7.6" workspace.

Incoloy sheathed 360kW tubular elements heat the oven, while 49,000cfm from two 20hp recirculating blowers provide combined airflow to the workload.

Built to NEMA 12/NFPA 79 electrical standards, the oven features 4"-thick insulated walls, removable top-mounted heat chamber, aluminized steel interior and exterior, and doors with drag seals.

Controls include a 13,500cfm powered forced exhauster and other safety equipment to handle up to two gallons of flammable solvent at 370°F (188°C). Also onboard are a digital programming temperature controller, SCR power controller, and motorized dampers on the intake and exhaust for accelerated cooling and rapid purging.

The Grieve Corp.

Dual in-die conveyors

Vacuum in-die conveyors remove multiple blanks through the press exit end, eliminating side-out conveyors or side stackers as well as increasing productivity.

With automatic feed design, the conveyor system’s size can fit any die. The systems offer variable belt speed so part removal timing can be integrated with the press stroke. Venturis create a secure vacuum to hold parts as they move along the conveyors.

The conveyor is driven by a variable-frequency drive integrated into the coil feed line controls. Conveyors can reach speeds up to 650fpm and feature user-friendly operator screens for individual programming of speed-per-part. Pneumatic power and control are supplied from existing equipment.

Automatic Feed Co.

Multitasking machine

The high-precision Nakamura-Tome MX-100 multitasking turning center offers high productivity milling and turning.

It’s equipped with a 15hp upper tool spindle with 20,000rpm and turning capability and an 8,000rpm milling turret offers 12 tool stations with 24 indexing positions.

The MX-100 includes the NT Work Navigator that recognizes coordinates of machine parts with non-round shapes such as those in forgings and castings, eliminating the need for positioning fixtures and clamping devices. The Advanced NT Nurse System all-in-one software package supports operation, programming, and production on the MX-100. Critical functions include phase recognition, direct chucking enabling transfer without positioning error, and precise synchronization of the left-/right-hand spindles. Additional functions include a load monitor for identifying tool wear/breakage, tool life management, and machine monitoring.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.