$5.1 billion

2018 spending on automotive design, test, simulation software

$8.6 billion

2023 projected spending: 11% compound annual growth rate

Design, test, simulation tools 

A relatively new market segment that combines traditional software design tools such as product lifecycle management (PLM) with test solutions and advanced simulation tools

Trends pushing growth 

Electrification, autonomy, mobility; combining PLM, test data, simulation is used to develop autonomous vehicle (AV) software, controls

Simulation benefits

Accelerate design processes by reducing need for physical prototypes, testing; constrain options early in design process

“The days of cars being seen as heavy metal products are now in the past. Most of the value in a modern car is electrical and the software used to control the functionality of the vehicles is among the most complex ever developed by humans… Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers which adopt simulations, for example, should find it possible to reduce development costs and improve their time to market.”
— Alastair Hayfield, research director for Interact Analysis




The “Automotive Design, Test and Simulations Solutions Market 2019” report is based on interviews with more than 30 vendors to size the market, determine key trends, and produce a realistic market forecast.

 Source: Interact Analysis, https://www.interactanalysis.com