Brankamp X7 smart in-process monitoring systems are for cold- and hot-forming, thread rolling, and stamping operations. With artificial intelligence, the system provides quick machine monitoring setup and controls machine performance by detecting faults and part or tool variations. This optimizes machine efficiency, improves part quality, and limits unplanned downtime and tooling costs.

The machine operates via a 15" touchscreen with 30 channels that monitor maximum forces, envelope curves and trend progressions, setup times and downtime, or sensitive process areas such as distorted parts or a missed feed.

If signals match the learned curve, the process is continuously observed, recording data for supervision, batch size, runtime behavior, and process trend. If the signal moves outside the recognized envelope curve, the system informs operator of fault type, cause, and location.

Marposs Corp.

5-axis horizontal machining center

The a500Z horizontal machining center (HMC) with a Z-type fifth axis handles complex part geometry challenges in a minimum number of workholding setups and machining operations. Its kinematic arrangement minimizes force path lengths through the spindle and workpiece, transferring cutting loads and reactive forces into the machine’s three-point leveled bed, maximizing metal removal rates and perishable tool life.

The machine handles workpieces up to 24.8" x 19.9" (630mm x 500mm), with payload weights up to 880 lb (400kg). The X- and Y- strokes are 28.7" (730mm) and 29.5" (750mm), with the Z- stroke ranging from 19.7" to 27.6" (500mm to 700mm), depending on rotary axes positioning. Both rotary tables are direct drive, with unlimited 360° movement on the B-axis and 180° on the slant-style C-axis unit, allowing full-range workpiece positioning.


Camshaft gundrilling machine

The DeHoff 1024C 6-spindle gundrilling machine for high-volume automotive camshaft production can gundrill a hole down a camshaft to reduce weight. This enables Tier 1 automotive suppliers to produce lighter camshafts in large volumes for high-efficiency engines.

The machine has a 1" (25.4mm) gundrilling capacity and 24" (610mm) of slide travel. Six gundrilling spindles on a single machine base use adjustable tailstocks and hydraulic workpiece clamping. Camshafts are automatically loaded and unloaded using a lift-and-carry material handling system.

Steel boxways and hand-scraped mating components (instead of linear guideways and milled surfaces) offer vibration damping, extended tool life, and improved surface finish.

Kays Engineering Inc.