Six-axis robots

Flexion N-Series, 6-axis robots feature a compact folding arm design for applications requiring smaller robots and workcells. The first robot introduced in the series – the Flexion N2 – offers a 450mm reach and 2.5kg max. payload. A tight-space motion capability keeps arm extremities out of the way, maximizing motion efficiency for faster cycle times. The folding arm reduces required workspace up to 40% compared to standard, 6-axis robots.

The Flexion N-Series is available in both ceiling and tabletop configurations. Compatible and packaged with the RC700A controller, the Flexion N-Series also uses Epson RC+ Robot Development Software and can be used with Epson integrated options, including Vision Guidance, Force Sensing, Fieldbus, and GUI Builder.

Epson Robots

Portable laser scanning

The RS4 scanner for the Romer Absolute Arm includes new optics and electronics, delivering a nearly 60% faster scan rate than the previous model. Optimized for measuring objects with challenging surfaces such as carbon fiber or machined steel, the system delivers verifiable and traceable accuracy.

The Romer Absolute Arm SI with the RS4 scanner provides tactile and non-contact dimensional measurements for point-cloud inspection, product benchmarking, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, virtual assembly, and CNC milling.

An ultra-wide laser line nearly doubles the width of its predecessor, providing larger surface coverage and faster data collection. With a higher point resolution, users can obtain greater point cloud detail in less time during a scanning session. The shape of the RS4 also allows users to scan more deeply into difficult-to-reach cavities, with no reduction in accuracy performance. Users of the portable measuring arm can switch between tactile probe measurements and laser scanning to acquire 3D point data.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Indexible drill system

The self-clamping system in the DrillMeister system enables simple, swift drill-head indexing. To replace tools with the system, users can swap out drill heads without removing the entire drill body from the toolholder and re-adjusting tool overhang. A drill head can be mounted or removed with small torque and can be done in the machine as needed.

Diameter ranges 6.0mm to 9.9mm will be available with the TID type drill bodies of 1.5D, 3D, 5D, and 8D for small diameter hole making in various materials. The high-helical flute angle and polished flute surface provide chip evacuation with the flange-type drill body. Chip evacuation can be achieved even in drilling deep holes of 5xD or deeper.

Tungaloy America Inc.