The HD-2400 triple-action hydraulic tryout press is used by Volvo and other automakers for part forming. Inner and outer slides and a cushion system support body panel forming. An accumulator speeds production for efficient metal forming, and a moving bolster eases die changes. The HD-2400 features 2,400 tons of slide force and 4.0m x 2.5m, 4.5m x 2.5m, and 5.0m x 2.5m bolster sizes.

Dees Hydraulic Co. Ltd.

Coordinate measurement machines

The Altera ‘C’ 10.7.5 coordinate measurement machine (CMM) is equipped with a Renishaw PH10M probe and is the first of three compact CMM sizes that will soon be available. It uses Camio 8.5 programming, analysis, and reporting software for surface analysis and part-to- CAD comparisons. Interoperable on various CMM platforms, sensor technologies, and manufacturing sites, Camio software can manage inspection of stamped, molded, or machined components. The Altera ‘C’s Renishaw articulating head and touch trigger probe can be replaced with various sensors, including Nikon laser scanners.

The Altera ‘M’ SCANtek5 10.10.8 CMM uses Renishaw’s Revo-2 scanning probe and Modus software. The 5-axis CMM provides continuous high-speed probe scanning for applications requiring non-contact vision capability or surface finish analysis.

LK Metrology

Automated gear deburring

The Tecnomacchine model TM 200-R3 CNC gear deburring machine includes deburring and brushing stations able to save all parameters within each part program. Each of the machine’s four stations use CNC for vertical, tangential, radial, and inclination positions. The automated machine’s base configuration allows part diameters up to 200mm (7.9"). Alternate configurations allow for parts up to 300mm (11.8").

A Tex Computer control panel, integrated into the machine enclosure, offers user-friendly dialog programming. Users can store programs on a memory stick or USB drive or add the machine to a network via RJ45 port.

The machine’s five stations can be equipped with milling tools, cut-off wheels, and brushes. All stations work simultaneously for high productivity, or each station can be individually turned off.

Setup personnel can adjust all tools for position, orientation, pressure, and speeds up to 30,000rpm. Each CNC setting is programmable and can be saved within the part program. TM 200-R3 also includes CNC radial tool wear compensation and flexible workholding solutions.

The TM 200-R3’s statistical process control (SPC) station allows operators to check part quality without stopping part-to-part cycling.

Helios Gear Products LLC

Vertical machining center

Adding the Mazatrol SmoothG CNC upgrades the VTC-200C vertical machining center (VMC), complementing the machine’s travelling-column design, automatic tool changer (ATC), and 40-tap spindle.

The Mazatrol SmoothG CNC adds performance and monitoring functions to the VMC and the ability to use EIA/ISO and conversational programming. A pivoting CNC panel and 19" touch control screen allow ease of use, and a CFast memory card stores up to 32GB of program data.

The Mazatrol also integrates with various robotic loading/unloading systems and can feed information into machine monitoring systems such as Smooth Link. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/Industry 4.0 connectivity is available via tools such as MTConnect or Mazak’s SmartBox.

Mazak Corp.