The CLC 260-H uses direct-drive motors on all axes, eliminating the need for belts and transmission components. The small-footprint machine allows workpiece loading and unloading without changing space requirements. Using a Fanuc 31i-B or Siemens 840D controller, the machine synchronizes workpiece and spindle rotation for efficient gear cutting, even in interrupted situations.


Non-contact laser tool setter

The NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setter supports the latest ISO230-10 standards. Featuring blue laser technology and improved optics, the NC4+ Blue improves tool measurement accuracy, ensuring more precise and faster component machining.

Blue lasers have a shorter wavelength than conventional red lasers used in some non-contact tool setters, improving diffraction effects and optimizing laser beam geometry. The NC4+ Blue can measure very small tools while minimizing tool-to-tool measurement errors.

Renishaw Inc.

Shoulder milling cutters

DoForce-Tri square shoulder milling cutters include a size 07 insert with six cutting edges for precision milling and insert economy. For light depth-of-cut applications, close-pitched cutters ensure more than one cutting edge is always engaged in the cut for stability and efficiency.

The DoForce-Tri 07 insert allows up to 2x the insert density and feed capability of conventional, trigonal inserts at the same depth of cut. A curved cutting edge geometry on a smaller insert ensures light cutting forces while maintaining better stability than standard positive milling inserts. Cutting edges include wiper edges for improved surface finishes.

The DoForce-Tri line expansion adds 11 metric cutter bodies and 8 inch-based models. Four new inserts include 18mm to 32mm diameter ranges for cylindrical types; 40mm to 50mm for shell mill (bore) types.

Tungaloy America Inc.