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An AliTech engineer programs toolpaths using Open Mind Technologies’ hyperMill software.

With 3,500 companies employing more than 40,000 people, the United Kingdom’s Motorsport Valley is a massive financial engine that generates $12 billion per year for the UK’s economy. The high-tech hub pushes the capabilities of manufacturing technology, especially 5-axis machining strategies needed to create complex titanium parts.

Racing parts include intricate components such as pipe inlets and outlets for pumps and compressors, impellers, blisk-rings, turbine blades, gears, and intake and exhaust engine tubes that require machining strongly undercut geometries. Titanium is an ideal material for many race parts because of its high strength and low weight; however, these properties can make it challenging to machine.

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programming for 5-axis machining should include strategies for steep-wall cavity, concave-, and curved-surface machining, and surface finish optimization. To keep pace with the shifting racing industry, CAM software must evolve at a similar rate.

Open Mind’s hyperMill CAM software enables 5-axis strategies for fast, easy-to-use programming, resulting in reduced cycle times and high-quality surface finishes. The following UK Motorsports Valley case studies describe how the software supports the racing industry.

Open Mind Technologies

hyperMill’s Mill-Turn machining module supports complex operations such as crankshaft machining.
Open Mind Technologies’ hyperMILL special application package for efficient tube machining that carves a toolpath down the center of a tube and then works outward for finish-machined operations, important for engine-port machining.
The Mill-Turn module also supports gear machining.