Automation in tool loading, combined with offline tool measurement, greatly reduces setup time, eliminates common data entry errors, and prohibits operators from inadvertently loading the wrong tools into the machine. The ToolConnect retrofit tool identification system, customized for specific tool load processes and requirements, uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags embedded in tool holders to automatically transfer tool presetter data to the machine control.

The system reads and writes tool measurement and tool life information to and from the tag, processing data at a custom read station. The user interface provides the operator visual tool measurement data and process flow. A failsafe option indexes to the correct magazine position to eliminate any errors.

The tool monitoring adaptive control (TMAC) system monitors tool wear in real-time, reacting instantaneously to wear and extreme conditions, stopping and expiring tools without operator intervention. TMAC can automatically reduce feed rate with high power cuts and increase the feed rate with low power cuts to maximize tool life and reduce cycle time up to 60%. Customers machining hard and difficult-to-machine materials will realize significant benefits with adaptive control. This system allows unattended operations, extends tool life, reduces cycle time, and prevents damage from extreme conditions.

AutoComp software eliminates manual calculation of tool and wear offsets after part measurement by processing measurement files from electronic gaging devices, automatically calculating and compensating offsets in the CNC control. Without operator intervention, the software calculates tool life and has customized macro-enabled alerts and data trending.

Caron Engineering

Specialized micrometers

Micromar 40EWR micrometers feature integrated wireless technology for data transmission. Specialized units measure unique part features that standard micrometers can’t.

The micrometers have 10mm, high-contrast display, tolerance limits to qualify parts, a built-in reference system for setting zero position, and a hold function (digital lock) that freezes measured values for easy reading. All are IP65 rated.

Options include the MarConnect data output (USB, RS-232, or Digimatic) or integrated wireless data transmission capability. Wireless data transfers to an i-Stick on a computer and directly into Microsoft Excel or via a keyboard code into any Windows program. The micrometer confirms whether data transferred correctly.

Mahr Inc.

Horizontal machining center

The updated BA W06-22 horizontal CNC machining center features a 10% faster chip-to-chip time than the original machine and can reach up to 100m/min machining speeds.

The twin-spindle machine with wear-free linear motors has a 600mm spindle distance, making it suitable for machining large non-magnetic workpieces such as aluminum gearbox housings. The C One control panel, based on Siemens’ Sinumkerik system, improves machine operation with real-time multitouch capabilities. Increased haptic feedback supports more precise operation and mitigates input errors from water, dirt, or accidental wrist resting.

SW North America Inc.