Ultium Cells LLC, General Motors’ joint venture with LG Chem to make electric vehicle (EV) battery cells, has started ground preparation for the future site of the Ultium battery cell manufacturing facility in Lordstown, Ohio.

During the pandemic, product development work on GM’s future EV and autonomous vehicle (AV) portfolios continues. The Cruise Origin was revealed in San Francisco, California, earlier this year, and production timing remains on track for the yet-to-be-revealed Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV, all powered by the Ultium battery system.

General Motors

LG Chem

Cooled EV charging system

The Radox HPC500 cooled charging cable system allows continuous charging of electric vehicles (EVs) at 500A, even in high-temperature environments.

The HPC500 cable and connector updates the HPC400 family with an IP67 connector protection rating, an optional metering system, and replaceable contacts for longer service life.

Cooling capacity increases with a 24V unit, reducing operational temperatures of the power lines and enabling continuous 500A charging at environmental temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F).

The plug-and-play cooling unit is pre-filled with coolant and fits into existing charging stations, reducing installation time. It automatically adjusts ventilator and heat exchanger speeds, and the coolant pump automatically adjusts to achieve the most efficient performance. The system is 20% lighter than its predecessor and has more flexible cables.