Audio processing engine

AWE Core OS, optimized for multi-core development, allows embedded audio engineers to move audio processing to the main system on a chip (SOC) without fear of running out of central processing unit (CPU) resources on a single core, potentially lowering component costs.

Audio Weaver is deployed across more than 40 million devices worldwide including cars made by Porsche, Tesla, Bugatti, and Volkswagen.

DSP Concepts

Sealed charger

The RQ350 sealed charger for electric vehicles (EVs) and industrial machines is a 350W system. Suitable for pallet walkies, two-wheel e-mobility products, outdoor power equipment, and mobile aerial work platforms, the RQ350 is rugged and flexible. An IP66-sealed, die-cast enclosure can tolerate harsh application environments and includes CAN bus connectivity. Over-voltage protection from the AC line keeps the system compliant with UL, FCC B/CISPR-14, and UNECE R10 regulations.

A library of validated charge profiles can be specified for each charger. Charger cycle data can be downloaded and new charging profiles can be updated by the manufacturer or customer.

Delta-Q Technologies