High solid epoxy primers

Corlar 3.5 and Corlar 3.0 high-solid epoxy primers are for the agriculture, construction, and earth-moving equipment (ACE) markets. The two-component primers conform to volatile organic compounds (VOC) standards and are low in hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Recommended for use over properly prepared substrates and hard cured coatings, the primers are durable with fast dry times for corrosion and chemical resistance.

Corlar 3.5 is formulated for cyclic corrosion testing, and Corlar 3.0 is formulated for salt spray applications. www.axalta.com

Quartz crystal convenience timer

The S-35710M built-in 32.76kHz quartz crystal convenience timer for automotive applications has low current consumption, is suitable for management of relative time, and reduces system standby current.

The 2-in-1 timer has integrated circuit (IC) and quartz crystal built into a single package, reducing the number of external components and producing an accurately matched oscillator and crystal.

The alarm time can be programmed in one-second increments, from 1 sec. to 194 days, and works with time management during system sleep periods after engine shut-down. www.sii-ic.com/en

Telematics gateway for connectivity

The Smart Telematics Gateway offers a flexible, modular hardware platform to ensure vehicle connectivity and the ability to update electronic control units (ECU) through wireless connections.

The hardware supports connectivity features including eCall, fully-automated accident alert, breakdown call-out, local support service calls, remote-control locking, vehicle finder, and diagnostics. The telematics control unit (TCU) acts as a secondary gateway, having access to the vehicle’s communication bus. www.harman.com

Integrated circuit

The VA6000 HDBaseT automotive integrated circuit (IC) enables symmetric tunneling of multimedia content with native networking capabilities over a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable up to 15m (50ft).

The circuit can be used as a point-to-point tunneling solution for several applications running simultaneously on a single cable.

Benefits to the connected car include: high bandwidth; near-zero latency transmission; support of simultaneous multimedia content streams; electromagnetic compat- ibility (EMC) resistance with adaptive mechanisms to handle noise; cable aging; and temperature changes with no need for cable grounding. www.valens.com