Transfer system controls

The OPENcontrol gives users the opportunity to retrofit and revamp existing transfer systems. The OPEN-XL CNC with several bridge modules and a 17" touch-screen monitor can manage up to 24 machining processes with 12 simultaneously interpolated axes per process, for a total of 64 axes.

The CNC’s dual-core CPU guarantees high computational power, especially for development of complex applications on multi-process machines. A dual operating system (Windows CE and Windows Embedded Solutions Standard 7, WES7) software architecture gives simultaneous execution on the same hardware, of both real-time CNC applications and generic Windows software.


One-ton AGV tugger

The Tugger AGV is a single-direction, one-ton drive designed for multi-shift mode with heavy-duty use. The AGV has a steel base and top structure built with 28mm pipe and metal components for light weight and flexibility.

The hitch affixes directly to the base and mounts to a plate that bolts to the frame. High starting and stopping forces support towing two carts. The AGV also features a utility load deck for miscellaneous boxes and supplies. The frame is designed so the unit can be easily lifted for maintenance with a forklift.

The AGV follows up to a 1,000ft peel-and-stick magnetic tape guide path with a long single run and loop at either end to reverse direction. The AGV tugger also features a handle for manual movement and countdown alarm if the AGV is stopped or delayed for more than 30 seconds.

Creform Corp.