LED driver for auto interior lighting

The IS32LT3175 linear LED driver enables reduced bill of material count for low-cost and compact designs. Integrating a single channel LED driver with a programmable 150mA current source, push-button control, signal input, and integrated programmable fade-in/fade-out lighting control, it is designed for use in LED-based map lights, dome lights, and door lights. The driver integrates all functions, eliminating the need for a micro-controller and several discrete components, and only individual resistors are needed to adjust the LED current from 10mA to 150mA as well as the fade up/down ramp speed. The driver can be controlled by a momentary contact switch or a courtesy signal input. An integrated debounce and latch circuit conditions the switch input, so a single press of the mechanical switch does not appear as multiple presses.

Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.


Electric vacuum pump for brakes

UP5.0 electrically driven vacuum pumps for vehicle brake systems offer high performance, durability, power efficiency, and packaging. The electric vacuum pumps are designed for high-efficiency gasoline engines, diesels, and turbo- and super-charged engines, as well as hybrid or full electric powertrains. Fuel-saving approaches often impact other engine functions that provide vacuum to support brake-booster systems, but the UP5.0 meets vacuum requirements for brake boosters under demanding applications. The vacuum pump will help car makers meet new emissions marks, while offering smooth and consistent brake pedal feel with reliable performance and increased fuel efficiency.

HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.


Automotive-grade semiconductors for electric vehicles

The FGY160T65SPD F085 and FGY120T65SPD F085 automotive-grade semiconductors for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and electric vehicles (EV) are designed for traction inverters and other HEV/PHEV/EV powertrain components that require high power density and reliability. Customization options include changing the gate pad size and location to accommodate different diameters of aluminum wire; resizing the die; and customizing the breakdown voltage and other electrical parameters. A solderable top metal version is also available.



Laser diode driver for HUD systems

The ISL78365 laser diode driver for automotive head-up display (HUD) systems pulses four high-intensity lasers up to 750mA projecting full-HD color video onto the windshield. Its higher current and faster switching speed enables HUDs with high resolution, high color depth, and high frame-rate projections. The HUDs offer near-zero latency and a wide field of view, overlaying additional real-time information such as traffic signs and a planned turning lane.

The quad-channel ISL78365 is designed for the scanned-MEMS laser projection systems being deployed in next generation autos. It has a fourth channel for supporting a wide variety of laser diode configurations, and provides >1.5ns rise and fall times. The device offers 10-bit color and 10-bit scale resolution to support a wide variety of contrast levels for each driver channel. The flexible synchronous parallel video interface supports pixel rates up to 150MHz or 1,900 pixels per line.

Intersil Corp.