Centerless grinding processfor fuel system components

A centerless grinding process on the GT 610 CNC expedites the development process of fuel injector nozzle valves, leading to reduced tooling costs, lower inventory levels, and quicker integration of new technology for prototyping or proof of concept for a new component.

Fuel injector nozzle valves can incorporate up to 20 critical dimensions, all of which need to be centerless ground. The GT 610 CNC process increases the efficiency of the centerless grinding prototyping process by using a single disk CVD dress roller as part of its grinding system.

The dressing system has sub-micron positional accuracy, which allows intricate forms to be dressed into the work wheel. Using a single disk roller allows multiple profiles using one roller rather than being required to purchase a reverse-plated roller for every profile when generating a proof of concept.

Glebar Co.

IMTS 2016 Booth #N-7317

Modular tool changing system

The Solidfix modular tool changing system allows for the quick change of tools by using adapters that hold a variety of tools instead of requiring a labor-intensive manual tool change or adding an expensive automatic tool changer. Solidfix allows users to preset tools for precise, repeatable cuts with15-second tool changes.

Instead of traveling to a tool-change rack, the Solidfix spindle can be programmed to move to a home position where the operator can quickly change tools and resume manufacturing. This helps reduce setup time by 90%. Rigid, compact, balanced design also provides large multi-surface contact with high-torque and high-speed performance.

Benz Inc.

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Swiss-type machining center

The XD42 Swiss-type machine provide a larger working diameter for Swiss parts. The 42mm (1.653") diameter system with a guide bushing offers automakers an alternative in producing some parts that were too large for a standard Swiss machines.

The XD42 includes a stable structure on bearings and toggles on main and sub-spindles, strong chucking force by a large hydraulic cylinder, and a single-piece casting bed design. The horizontal gang-type design offers a stable base and easy chip removal.A 2.2kW, 8Nm cross drill and a 1kW, 3Nm back drill is available. Off-center drilling next to the sub-spindle is powered by gears not belts.

An optional bar lifting unit offers automatic loading and replenishing of heavy bar stock. Two anti-vibration units on the hybrid static block V-block guide the bar stock. Other options include specialized tools, chip conveyors, and coolant tanks that are compatible with Hanwha XD38II Swiss-type machine.

Hanwha Machinery America

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