The piInlinePlus configurable platform provides decentralized vacuum generation for automotive manufacturers. Ultra-lightweight vacuum ejectors feature an integrated automatic release mechanism and come in compact, minimized packages. piInlinePlus includes ports for compressed air and vacuum in-lines, supported by quick-fit push-in connectors, mounted directly onto the hose, close to the suction.

Using lightweight, durable PA66 material, piInlinePlus generators ensure low air consumption (typically 25% lower than competing technology), excellent suction capacity, and fast evacuation. Generators are supplied with one or two Micro Coax cartridges; two cartridges for larger suction cups in high-speed applications, or one cartridge for smaller suction cups or for reduced air consumption when high speed is not essential.

Systems are about 1.1 lb lighter for typical press shop grippers with eight cups, enabling faster press line rates and less wear on robot arms. The integrated release function is available in two optional designs – Atmospheric Quick Release (AQR) which doesn’t require an extra compressed air hose and Exhaust Block Release (EBR) for fast performance.

Piab AB

Multitasking machine

The Gyroflex Ultimate Multitasking Machine offers the necessary flexibility to meet various production demands, from low production volume and parts prototyping to high-volume and high-mix production.

The machine’s integrated LX-40 3-axis gantry robot enables unattended operation and fast parts handling. The hydraulic robot chuck provides stable clamping and workpiece handling using minimum space. Easy programming for complex parts and process combination are made possible with an Esprit 3D CAD/CAM system. A chip disposal design enables non-stop production.

Opposed twin spindles are positioned on Z-axis slideways with 960mm of stroke. Each spindle can perform the same operations. The Z-axis slide moves quickly to reduce loading time to the second spindle.

Fuji Machine America Corp.